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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone, hope you have a wonderful day spent with friends and family.

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Days go by and it seems like it’s been forever,
I think of you and miss you.
I wonder if you think of me.
Is it good. Hatred. Anger. I don’t know.
And I hope you’re doing great, and if not great at least okay.
I’d never want you to be bad.
I’m okay, just a lot going on,
Things are going well at home. Personal life. Boyfriend.
Maybe one day soon I can have your friendship again.
That’s if you want it.
I know I out you and others in a lot of pain and anger.
I’m sorry.
I wish I could take it all back.
Sometimes I feel like I’m on my own.
Pretending you’re beside me,
Laughing and smiling.
As if nothing happened.
And we were at the parks enjoying the day.
On a rainy day where the pavements shine like silver.
Enjoying each other’s company,
Until it’s time to say bye for now and everyone heads out the gates.
So I say to you.
Until next time.
Give you a hug and tell you I Love You

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